Emma Wright is a professional singer based in Blackpool in the north-west of England with an aptitude for vocal accuracy in tributes to stars such as Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Since making it through to the judge's houses and boot-camp on 'The X-Factor'  in 2011 and her later appearance on ITV's 'Stars in their Eyes' in 2015 (where she was a finalist), Emma has performed all over the UK and Europe to high acclaim as Amy as both a solo artist and also with the band The Amy Winehouse Experience AKA Lioness.


The transformation of this northern songstress from Emma to Amy is incredible as she applies the trademark beehive wig, tattoos and make up then adopts the accent and mannerisms to complete the metamorphosis. Emma's performance as Amy has been designed to ensure that respect to the many positives of her career is maintained with integrity and a focus on the songs that spoke to a generation and beyond.



"On arrival the very petite (and very pretty) Emma does not look like Amy at all and may leave you wondering who you have booked but as soon as she belts out those first vocals during a sound check you know you’ll be fine! A short while later she reappears with Amy’s trademark swagger and snarl and you wouldn’t believe it’s the same person." - Darren James, Booking Manager (King George's Hall, Blackburn).


“Thank you for a great weekend, you were an absolute pleasure to deal with and the show is just incredible. I look forward to many more shows in the future.”  – Phil Kealy, Promoter (Tallaght Civic Theatre, Dublin)

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