COLD FLAME perform a tribute to JETHRO TULL

The Continental, Preston - Friday 16th of October 2020

Cold Flame have been recreating the magic of Jethro Tull over the past 26 years, which has seen them headline festivals and venues across the UK and mainland Europe. This has included Jethro Tull festival conventions in both Italy and Spain. Cold Flame’s tribute show has gained the five-piece band praise in national music magazines including ‘Classic Rock’ and ‘A New Day’. The band continue to enjoy links with several official members of Jethro Tull including former members Clive Bunker, Mick Abrahams, the late Glenn Cornick, Paul Burgess, Maartin Allcock and Gerry Conway.


Come take a journey with Cold Flame if you are too old to rock ‘n’ roll but find yourself living in the past loving the music of Jethro Tull.



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